These workouts are the perfect add on when you can't get enough and need just an extra burn

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  • 10 MIN DANCE COMBO 3/7/22

    This workout is perfect is you're wanting extra dance cardio after a full length class or if you want to get down and sassy in just ten minutes. Throw on your Bala's if you have them or save your energy to go full out with your dance moves.

  • 10 MIN CORE 2/21/22

    All you need is a band for this 10 minute on the floor core burner. This workout is full of quick transitions but meet me on the mat and follow along.

  • 10 MIN BICEPS 2/21/22

    Get your Aubre arms in just 10 minutes with this workout and a pair of medium to heavy weights. Be sure you're warmed up and video from my "Warm Ups" category and let's hit those biceps.

  • 10 MIN CARDIO 2/21/22

    Follow along with me through two tabata rounds in just 10 minutes before you're brought back to life. No equipment needed, just your will and endurance.

  • 10 MIN QUADS 2/14/22

    Load up with a pair of medium weights for this 10 minute quickie quad workout. Combine it with one of my warm ups to do on its own or pack it on to any of workouts for an extra burn.

  • 10 MIN BOOTY 2/7/22

    The perfect quickie to give your booty 10 minutes of extra tough love. Use medium weights and pair this with any of your favorite Sweat Sessions workouts.