10-15 MIN

10-15 MIN

A lot can get done in just 15 minutes or less! These short yet effective workouts are perfect for anyone looking for a little workout break. Besides...who doesn't love a quickie?

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10-15 MIN
  • 15 MIN HIGH ENERGY ARMS 5/16/22

    AUBRE ARMS GET YOUR AUBRE ARMS HERE!! BYOE (bring your own energy) and light weights or Balas are all you'll need for this 15 minute follow along workout.



    Free the girlies and grab those bra pads (or gliders) for this 20 minute light weighted gliders workout. This slow flow class will work your entire body leading you through dynamic upper body circuits and hard af lower body glider work that leave you shaking and quaking.

  • 15 MIN WEIGHTED ABS 4/11/22

    Grab your laundry and get ready to wash them on your washboard abs. This 15 minute workout is a targeted routine for the core with just one dumbbell!

  • 15 MIN SLOW BURN ABS 3/21/22

    15 min INTENSE ab workout you can do anywhere & is equipment free! Work on toning your core at home with this killer slow burner abs workout.

  • 10 MIN BOOTY 2/7/22

    The perfect quickie to give your booty 10 minutes of extra tough love. Use medium weights and pair this with any of your favorite Sweat Sessions workouts.

  • 10 MIN BICEPS 2/21/22

    Get your Aubre arms in just 10 minutes with this workout and a pair of medium to heavy weights. Be sure you're warmed up and video from my "Warm Ups" category and let's hit those biceps.

  • 10 MIN CORE 2/21/22

    All you need is a band for this 10 minute on the floor core burner. This workout is full of quick transitions but meet me on the mat and follow along.

  • 10 MIN CARDIO 2/21/22

    Follow along with me through two tabata rounds in just 10 minutes before you're brought back to life. No equipment needed, just your will and endurance.

  • 10 MIN DANCE COMBO 3/7/22

    This workout is perfect is you're wanting extra dance cardio after a full length class or if you want to get down and sassy in just ten minutes. Throw on your Bala's if you have them or save your energy to go full out with your dance moves.

  • 15 MIN SIDE LYING SERIES 2/28/22

    Grab a light to medium resistance band and meet me on your mat for this side lying series. We'll work your obliques, upper outer hips, and glutes all in 15 minutes.

  • 10 MIN QUADS 2/14/22

    Load up with a pair of medium weights for this 10 minute quickie quad workout. Combine it with one of my warm ups to do on its own or pack it on to any of workouts for an extra burn.

  • 10 MIN FULL BODY FLOW 1/31/22

    This workout is perfect for any gal on the go wanting to get in a quick burn in just 10 minutes. Have you light weights + band by your side as we fire up your full body from glutes, arms, and your core.

  • 10 MIN ON THE FLOOR CORE 12/31

    The perfect 10-minute abs to add to ANY workout or do it a-la-carte. No equipment needed for this burner!


    All you need is a band for this quick 15 minute glute warm up! Pair this with any of my on demand workouts to get the heart pumping, body moving, and muscles burning.

  • 10 MIN ABSolutely ON FIRE 12/13

    Guaranteed to be the best quickie of your life - this 10 minute workout focuses on strengthening your core and setting you up for success in your other hard hitting workouts. You'll need medium weights and a band for this killer class.


    If you're short on time and need a quick upper body burn then this class is perfect for you. I'm using a pair of 3's but listen to your body as together we work through cross body punches, lateral walk with a low squat, and barre burpees. A quickie 15 min death sesh :)


    Get ready to serve that a** a whole lotta peaches baby! Have a heavy weight and band ready for this workout will leave you feeling like MISS NEW BOOTY!

  • 10 MIN SLOW BURN ABS 10/7

    Looking for a quickie to get that core on FIRE?? No equipment needed for this killer abs sequence. Let's do this!

  • 10 MIN BALA ARMS 1/7

    Dancer arms for DAYS! Balas, light weights, waterbottles, bish, whatever you got will do! Give me 10 minutes and lets get those long lean lines!


    It's arm day, baby! 15 minutes, light weights, and your strong AF body is all you'll need for this workout. What are you waiting for? It's time to work.


    NON-STOP, AUBRE ABS IN 8 MINUTES! There is such a thing as *Happy Pain*. This one might be tough but it's one you will keep cued up! Make your way to the mat and get ready for the BEST QUICKIE YOU'VE EVER HAD!

  • 15 MIN CARDIO QUADS 3/15/22

    A workout for when you are short on time but want to get a quick burn/sweat! Cardio Quads is a sequence that takes you through progression lower body work, burning out every inch of your lower body. Grab a band and GOOD LUCK :)

  • 15 MIN QUIET CARDIO 2/21

    A workout that your body will love, and your neighbors won't hate :) This quickie will make you drip sweat and boost your energy in just 10 minutes! No equipment babe, just your strong self!


    One sequence, 9 plank variations; this Plank Challenge is your opportunity to really start to test your strength! Want even more of a challenge? Try to move through every transition staying up on your toes... OH BABY! Grab a set of dumbbells and get after it!


    Barre inspired sequence to tighten & strengthen your core!