20-45 MIN

20-45 MIN

Don't have time to get a full workout in? Then these classes are perfect for all my busy bishes. In just 45 minutes or less, I'll get your body moving and sweaty while still leaving you time to hit the showers after.

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20-45 MIN

    You won't believe how much you'll sweat in just a 25 minute workout. Perfect for when you're short on time but want to feel that total body burn. Grab your Medium and Light Weights for this.

  • 30 MIN SLOW & FOCUSED 9/12/22

    In this class we'll utilize Gliders and Light Weights to create elongated lines through the body and lengthen your muscles. This workout is meant to be done at a slow pace. Get ready to embrace this challenge!

  • 20 MIN ATHLETIC BARRE 9/6/22

    Get ready to take your Barre class to the next level. You'll be so surprised how accomplished you feel from just 20 minutes of movement. This workout is dynamic, athletic, and will make you feel powerful. Grab your light weights and meet me on your mat, bish!

  • 20 MIN ABS + ARMS 8/28/22

    A low impact, high energy, upper body workout that will get your arms + abs feeling strong and toned. Tune in for just 20 minutes but leave feeling empowered for the rest of your day. You'll need light weights, a band, and a your barre ball for this one.

  • 40 MIN 4X4 8/29/22

    This workout will take you through two circuits consisting of 4 upper body and 4 lower body exercises. You'll repeat each circuit 4 times through. As always, there will be a surprise ending! You'll need your heavy weights + band for this workout.

  • 30 MIN SLOW BURN FLOW 8/22/22

    Grab your light weights + Barre Ball and meet me on the mat for this feel good, energizing, flow.


    An intermediate cardio workout for my Barre lovers. This workout has four different tabata rounds made up of Barre inspired cardio exercises. This workout can be done with a set of light weights or just body weight.


    Get ready to work your core in this quick Sweaty Sculpt Express class. This workout is jam packed with challenging + effective exercises that will strengthen and define your core. All you'll need is a set of medium/heavy weights and your barre ball. You can also use a foam roller in place of the ...

  • 20 MIN FULL BODY FLOW 8/1/22

    Grab your light weights + barre ball and meet me on the mat. This slow and controlled flow will burn out your muscles. If you're feeling really Spicy, you can pair this with one of our Dance Cardio + classes.

  • 25 MIN CHEST, BACK, & ABS 8/1/22

    Get ready to work your Chest, Back, and Abs with this Sequence Workout! Grab a set of medium weights and meet me on your mat. If you have a bench, that's a plus. You can do this workout without one too.

  • 30 MIN HIGH ENERGY HIIT 7/25/22

    You're going to need your medium weights and band for this quick, intense HIIT class. This 30 minute class will leave you sweaty and feeling like you did a full length workout.


    Grab your new barre ball and meet me on the mat for this quick lower body burn. This quick sculpt class is great if your on the go. You can also pair it with an upper body class if you have a bit more time.


    Ready to shake what your mama gave ya?! It's called *DANCE CARDIO PARTY* for a reason. This workout is the perfect mix of high energy dance cardio with lengthening and strengthening toning sequencing. Grab your light weights and hit the dance floor bish!

  • 25 MIN BACK AND BICEPS 7/18/22

    Are you ready to level up? My arms couldn't stop shaking after I did this one. Two super sets, one focused on biceps, one focused on back. Get out of your comfort zone and pick up something heavier for this. You won't regret it!

  • 45 MIN SCULPT 7/11/22

    Are you ready for a full length sweaty sculpt class featuring your brand new Barre Ball? Grab light weights + band + barre ball and meet me on the mat. This class is going to get your heart rate up and give your muscles a full body burn.

  • 20 MIN CARDIO BARRE + BOOTY 7/11/22

    Have you gotten your new Barre Ball + Bands yet!? If so, you definitely need to try this class. This cardio barre class will focus on toning that juicy peach of yours. All you need is your new Barre Ball, light weights, and your mat.


    Are you ready for a quick burn in this cardio barre express class? The only piece of equipment you'll need for this class is your new Barre Ball. Meet me on your mat and get ready to feel the BURN!

  • 25 MIN STANDING FLOW 7/11/22

    This standing flow class features our new Barre Ball. Test your muscle stability and get a good sweat in during this quick standing flow class. This is a great class if you're limited on time and on the go. If you have some time to spare, you can pair this class with another quickie class of your...


    We're bringing this one back for round 2! A barre-inspired, low-impact sculpt class in the SEQUENCE format. Get ready to rapidly change it up with different movers throughout the entire class. You'll need a band + light DBs for this one.


    Are you ready to get sweaty!? This quick class is perfect for anyone on a time crunch who needs workout to recenter and build strength. We'll work through 6 moves, 3 times through for a total body experience.


    A full body, feel good flow. This class is low impact but will still keep your muscles burning and your heart pumping. Grab a set of light weights and a resistance band to take your workout to the next level.

  • 40 MIN BENCH SERIES 5/28/22

    This 40 minute killer bench series consists of killer full body dynamic exercises that'll leave you feeling sweaty and spent afterwards. We're start with a banded warm up to activate your muscles, then move into our workout using a pair of medium to heavy weights. No bench? Feel free to use a cha...

  • 20 MIN GLIDER SCULPT 5/23/22

    This 20 minute full body glider sculpt workout will tone every muscle of your body using only gliders and a pair of light weights. Add on a pair of Balas for an extra challenge if you have them.

  • 20 MIN POWER ROUND 5/23/22

    This 20 minute full body power round workout will work you through two supersets of three moves each and finish off with a cardio push. I'm using 15 lbs for this workout and I highly encourage to go heavier if you have the option.