Sequence is a progression style sculpt workout. This class is unique for many reasons: for one - it's not your typical circuit style class. For two - Also has design this class to keep you moving from start to finish. And three - not one move is repeated more than one time. This class is light on cardio but will definitely have you sweating within the first few minutes.

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  • *LIVE* SEQUENCE 9/7/22

    This class is interval training that is focused on building strength and testing your endurance. Grab your medium weights and bish bands.


    This class is a full body flow with minimal cardio. Meet me on the mat for a packed 60 minutes of nonstop progressions and exercises that will keep your mind working as much as your body is. You'll need your light weights, heavy weights, and a band for this class.


    Get ready for this full length low impact sequence class. In this class you will need one heavy weight, light weights, and a resistance band. This class is formatted one exercise per minute so we keep things spicy the entire way through.

  • 25 MIN CHEST, BACK, & ABS 8/1/22

    Get ready to work your Chest, Back, and Abs with this Sequence Workout! Grab a set of medium weights and meet me on your mat. If you have a bench, that's a plus. You can do this workout without one too.


    Get ready for this full length low impact sequence class. Be sure to grab your barre ball, light weights, and gliders for this one. We're going to keep moving through different moves all the way through in this high pace, low impact class.

  • *LIVE* 60 MIN SEQUENCE 6/20/22

    Brenda tells me Sequence is his favorite class format :). He wants me to tell you if you haven't tried it, YOU HAVE TO! Grab your medium weights + bands and meet me on the mat.

  • *LIVE* SEQUENCE 5/24/22

    Grab your medium to heavy weights for this one time through sequence class. We'll activate your muscles with an extended warm up then move into our full body circuits with a wildcard cardio round mixed in between each round.

  • *LIVE* SEQUENCE 5/11/22

    This full body sequence, one move per minute class was is so hard that even the music needed a break. Medium to heavy weights, a band, and any hype playlist is all you'll need when you meet me on the mat.

  • *LIVE* SEQUENCE 3/28/22

    Today's class will send you off feeling all the vibes! The nostalgic playlist, the light weights transitioning into heavier weights, the one and done programming, this class may be no moves repeated but I won't be surprised if you choose to go through it twice.

  • *LIVE* SEQUENCE 3/8/22

    Roll up your mats because we'll be working with gliders for the first half of today's full body sequence class. No gliders? Use paper plates, socks, bra pads, or follow along to the modifications then get ready for our weighted work to finish up class.

  • *LIVE* SEQUENCE 2/24/22

    Pick up some heavier weights for this workout if you've got them. This one move per minute sequence class is a full body workout pushing you through heavy weighted snatches, rows, chest flies, and heart racing cardio pushes.

  • *LIVE* SEQUENCE 1/25/22

    This nonstop, no repeated movements workout is broken down into three blocks: upper body, lower body, & cardio. We'll finish up with core work and as always, listen to your body as I'm using 5's but go a little heavier if you can!

  • *LIVE* SEQUENCE 11/30

    Pick up something a little heavier for this class to fully utilize the burn. This workout is fast paced all to keep you focused, keep you moving, and getting the most of our 60 minutes together. Equipment: Medium/heavy weights and band

  • *LIVE* SEQUENCE 11/19

    Give me 110% in this full body workout. We start off with 5 banded cardio moves then jump straight into a 30 minute sequence. Equipment: medium weights + band .

  • *LIVE* SEQUENCE 3/10

    Get ready for some bada** sh** in this sequence class! I'm using a pair of 10's and balas on my ankle for an extra challenge but no medium weights no problem. No moves repeated, no excuses to quit

  • *LIVE* SEQUENCE 10/25

    This sequence class is for all my light weight lovers! Don't be fooled - you'll still feel the same burn if not more with a pair of 2's or 3's. If you're up for the challenge, go no heavier than 5's for this non-repetitive movement class.


    I truly had the NERVE with this programming! You'll need a medium to heavy weight, a band, and gliders for this class. This Sequence class has a unique flow that'll leave your legs aching and shaking all week long.


  • *LIVE* SEQUENCE 4/14

    Never taken SEQUENCE? Get ready to experience your NEW favorite class. This class is broken into 3 Circuits. Each Circuit is muscle group focused and the best part is that NOT ONE MOVE is repeated throughout the entire class. TRUST ME, you will LOVE IT. Grab some medium dumbbells, a band and PUMP...

  • *LIVE* SEQUENCE 5/13

    Three circuits that'll work every muscle group! We only go through every move ONCE so the only repeats is the completely body burn you'll be feeling. All you'll need are medium weights and a band.

  • *LIVE* SEQUENCE 9/13

    One medium weight, a band, and an accountability partner is all you need for this sequence class! Each move is one minute, one time through but doesn't mean it'll be easy. Don't be afraid to use a second weight for an added challenge.


    Your favorite format - with no repeats. Have a medium and light pair of weights handy for this class as we power through 50 minutes of non stop toning and cardio work. Alternating twist with a punch followed by prisoner jacks? Don't be scared ;)


    40 hard AF moves to completely annihilate your upper body! Upright rows, static hold on one arm, hammer curl on the other, the list goes on and on. Thank god it's only one time through or your arms would be *unwell* the next day ;). Medium weights, light weights, and band for this class.

  • *LIVE* SEQUENCE 8/25

    This wildcard sequence class features three rounds of 12 moves: light weights, heavy weights, and cardio. Transitions will be quick and you'll have two 30 second breaks. Buckle up bishes cause it's a wild one!!!