These workouts are perfect for any gal-on-the-go. Side note: when Aubre travels, she will typically bring a band or balas when she's not over 50 lbs on your luggage ;). Do the same throughout your travels.

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  • 10 MIN CORE 7/11/22

    Need a quick core burnout but only have 10-15 minutes to spare? Well, this is the workout for you. All you're going to need is your new Barre Ball for this one. You can also pair this class with another one of our muscle group focused quickies if you have the time to do so.


    This full body, high energy 30 minute sequence class is fast paced, hard af, and so worth the work. No equipment needed for this bodyweight workout, let's get warmed up and get ready to get fired up.

  • 20 MIN QUIET CARDIO 4/25/22

    This 20 minute tabata class is so quiet, your neighbors might even knock to see if you're still there. No equipment needed, just 10 tabata moves, 20 seconds each, 3 times through.


    Get ready for 20 minutes of on the go sweaty sculpt. On deck we have 3 rounds of 5 total body moves using only your bodyweight and a band. These moves are hard so listen to your body and slow it down when you need.

  • 30 MIN FLOOR SERIES 4/4/22

    No equipment needed for this 30 minute full body floor series but don't be fooled by the title because this class is not easy by any means. As JLO says, "if you go hard you you gotta get on the floor" :)

  • 15 MIN SLOW BURN ABS 3/21/22

    15 min INTENSE ab workout you can do anywhere & is equipment free! Work on toning your core at home with this killer slow burner abs workout.

  • 10 MIN DANCE COMBO 3/7/22

    This workout is perfect is you're wanting extra dance cardio after a full length class or if you want to get down and sassy in just ten minutes. Throw on your Bala's if you have them or save your energy to go full out with your dance moves.

  • 40 MIN BODYWEIGHT FLOW 2/28/22

    This full body flow is the perfect bodyweight workout for any traveling sweaty bishes or if you're needing a break from the weights. We've got 40 minutes of nonstop movement, no equipment doesn't make the class any easier ;)

  • 10 MIN FULL BODY FLOW 1/31/22

    This workout is perfect for any gal on the go wanting to get in a quick burn in just 10 minutes. Have you light weights + band by your side as we fire up your full body from glutes, arms, and your core.

  • 20 MIN BARRE FLOW 1/24/22

    Grab your gliders (bra pads, socks, hand towels, paper plates - no judgement) and meet me on the mat for this 20 minute barre inspired total body workout. This quickie class is the perfect way to start your day or pair with any other of my short on demand workouts.

  • 10 MIN ON THE FLOOR CORE 12/31

    The perfect 10-minute abs to add to ANY workout or do it a-la-carte. No equipment needed for this burner!

  • 45 MINUTE HIIT & TONE 12/27

    OOOOFFFFF! A workout so good you'll want to save it and do it again & again. HIIT & TONE alternates between strength circuits and cardio bursts. In this week's sweat sesh, you have the option to follow me for band + Bodyweight exercises or you can follow BRENDA if you want to take this workout to...


    Have your light weights and band by your side for this 45 minute full body low impact sculpt workout infused with just a bit of cardio to keep the energy levels high.

  • 10 MIN ABSolutely ON FIRE 12/13

    Guaranteed to be the best quickie of your life - this 10 minute workout focuses on strengthening your core and setting you up for success in your other hard hitting workouts. You'll need medium weights and a band for this killer class.

  • 40 MIN TOTAL BODY HIIT 11/29

    This workout is perfect for any gal on the go still craving a serious sweat sesh. We go 5 moves in the first circuit, 4 in the second, and 3 in the third! HIIT it but don't quit it babe- you have got this one!

  • 20 MIN CARDIO BARRE 11/8

    The most intense 20 minutes of your life! We'll hit the glutes, core, arms, back and legs - no muscles left behind. Use your light weights and a band and get ready to feel the burn.


    If you're short on time and need a quick upper body burn then this class is perfect for you. I'm using a pair of 3's but listen to your body as together we work through cross body punches, lateral walk with a low squat, and barre burpees. A quickie 15 min death sesh :)

  • 30 MIN ASS ON FIRE 1/31

    Make sure to grab water because I’m setting that a** on FIRE! Want to add extra fuel? Try it with some light weights or Balas to really burn that booty down.

  • 10 MIN DANCER ARMS 1/24

    An Aubre Favorite! Dancer arms fuses athletic dance cardio with barre inspired upper body sequences to boost your mood, sculpt your arms and get your heart pumpin'! Bala bangles or light weights are recommended for this fire sweat sesh!

  • 20 MIN JUMP ROPE & BICEPS 1/17

    She’s sweet but a psycho with this jumprope workout! This 15 minute interval circuit is perfect for you if you are ready to spice up the way you move. Alternating between cardio & concentrated bicep work, this quickie will get your heart rate up like CRAZY while leaving your biceps on fire. Have ...

  • 10 MIN BALA ARMS 1/7

    Dancer arms for DAYS! Balas, light weights, waterbottles, bish, whatever you got will do! Give me 10 minutes and lets get those long lean lines!


    It's arm day, baby! 15 minutes, light weights, and your strong AF body is all you'll need for this workout. What are you waiting for? It's time to work.


    This low impact class will work, tone, and define your upper body and core in just 15 minutes or less. All you need is a pair of light weights.


    This low impact quickie workout focuses on toning and firing up every inch of your core. We'll be doing planks, curls, weighted punches, all your favorite ab moves, You'll need a set of light weights or Bala's and a band to instantly start feeling the burn.